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Job Advertising Solutions is run by experienced staff with skills in both advertising, new media and recruitment across all sectors. Between us we have several years in the industries we specialise in and have a great understanding of media, data protection, candidate attraction and recruitment marketing.

From its very beginning, Job Advertising Solutions have been developing successful marketing solutions to encompass corporate identity, corporate design, print media, multimedia, TV and radio. Using our connections to thousands of different type Media and knowledge of advertising legislation we aim to be innovative and effective with every project so that your customers will always remember your advert.

Where will my advert be posted?

We have agreements with over 2000 online job boards, for a full list contact us direct but they include leading multinationals as well as local and specialist boards to the niche you are recruiting in.

How does it work?

Well as soon as you place your advert with us, your account manager will call you for a chat about the position. At that point we establish a bit more details on the profile of what you are looking for. As soon as applications come in we match them to your profile.

How do you know who we would reject/regret?

We dont (until we get to know you), so we will keep in regular contact working with you to understand your business. We will at suitable points also email you if required a batch file of candidates that did not fit your profile. That way you can double check what we are doing and we will get to understand your requirements.

How do you send CV's to me?

Generally via email with candidate notes attached or for those clients who use our Gold Service via an online video interview platform we use so that you can see the candidate from the comfort of your office with CV attached.

What about Data Protection, do candidates know who they are applying to?

Yes, absolutley - as soon as we have their application and before you see it we ask them to review your website and any other information you give us. We will not forward any details to you about them without thier consent and likewise we will not forward thier details to you without their permission.

Will I get a proof for my advert?

Yes - we always like you to check it over.

Which industries do you cover?

Well we have experience in everything from industrial, catering, office and commercial to warehouse, driving and IT. There are not many industries we haven't recruited in.